This 5 week class is specifically designed for actors 25-30 years old who are newly eligible for Alcohol Advertising. Since this age group is also largely represented in Fast Food Advertising, this class will teach you how to book both!

With material chosen by AHC and RLC, this class will focus on mastering the unique tone and style of these two major product categories. Students will learn techniques to help them stand out in group auditions; how to incorporate improv into scripted material; the do’s and dont’s for product shots and “bite and smiles;” and much more.

Limited to 7 men and 7 women, classes are only open to actors with current representation or non-represented actors who have already taken AHC’s level 1 class.

All classes are held at 200 S. La Brea and the 5th and final class is a Q&A with Ross and Alyson.
Participants must be 25-30 years old—but we won’t make you prove it 😉

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$350.00This class focuses on much more advanced dialogue and teaches you how to ace the most challenging audition scenarios.

$325.00This class will teach you the fundamentals of auditioning for commercials.

$350.00This class teaches you how to stand out in all forms of group/partner auditions and how to shine in auditions with no dialogue.

$300.00This class is a two week intensive covering the audition process for both kids AND their parents. Open to kids of all levels and abilities.

$350.00Improv! This class will show you how to apply your improv skills to every audition, and how to make a scene your own even with little improv experience.

$325.00This course is designed for older actors, focusing on the challenges of different types of scripts and scenarios for talent in this age range.