The two biggest casting offices in Los Angeles, AHC + RLC, have combined forces to bring you The Commercial Class.

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Our teachers have a unique experience of also being session runners. Which means, not only are they always in the room auditioning actors, they get direct feedback from clients. This gives our teachers invaluable knowledge to show you what it takes!

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When you sign up for class, you'll get one of our amazing and experienced teachers for 4 weeks. Aly and Ross will be hosting your Q&A during the 5th week!

  • Joy Lofton

    "Take a breath."

  • Jonathan Runyon

    “Remember to be specific…it makes all the difference."

  • Jeff Gould

    “Don’t assume that, just because you didn’t get a callback or book a commercial, that you did something wrong or were bad.”

  • Dave Wilder

    “Don’t make jokes about shaving on your slate.”

  • Rob Brownstein

    "Book 'em, Danno"

  • Robert Descant

    "Preparation will lead to immaculate execution."

  • Reece Rios

    "Hi, I'm Reece."

  • Lindsay Bronson

    “If you’re not havin fun, you’re not doing it right.”

  • Alyson Horn

  • Ross Lacy